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Thousands of people each year ascend to altitude, whether it be for a mountaineering expedition or a leisurely ski vacation, individuals spend a great deal of time and money on such trips.

Mountaineers must spend weeks at base camp acclimatising to the harsh hypobaric and hypoxic conditions they will face in their trek to the summit. Even with this investment of time, and regardless of one"s physical condition, the risk of Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) or other factors preventing a successful ascent or ruining a vacation is always present.

A person"s reaction to altitude is heavily dependent on genetics. Certain people are predisposed to acquiring AMS more severely than others. However, studies show that 80% of people ascending to altitudes will suffer the debilitating symptoms of AMS (headache, nausea, insomnia) to some extent. This risk cannot be completely eliminated, but it can be predicted, controlled and significantly reduced in a cost effective and timely manner.

By exercising in hypoxia before leaving for an expedition, mountaineers can pre-acclimatise and prepare themselves for exposure to extreme altitudes. Similarly, tourists and vacationers that live at sea level can insure an enjoyable vacation by pre-acclimatising. ATS provide the solution to pre-acclimatisation with a combination of quality equipment, education and training protocols. Pre-acclimatision can be done at Valley Fitness under the supervision of qualified staff. Integrated training protocols with passive and active sessions should be introduced 10 weeks pre trek or adventure, boosting fitness levels and preparing the body for altitude stress. Our trekking and adventure clients have had 100% success using our systems, successfully summiting Kilimanjaro, Everest base camp or enjoying the extra time on the slopes at Aspen at over 3,000m.


"In September 2007, I was part of a group of trekkers that hiked to Everest Base Camp with Glenn Azar of EE. As part of the training process, we were tested and subsequently trained on the altitude simulators provided by EE. I was tested to an altitude of over 5,500m before developing symptoms of altitude sickness. This gave me the confidence that I had the physiological capability of making it to Base Camp and also enable me to train at altitude to improve my endurance. The machine makes you take larger and deeper inhalations therefore increasing lung capacity. It also assists with the improving muscle cell efficiency which I found invaluable when training for Mountain Bike races before the trek. While we were able to enjoy the physical challenge of the walk and breath taking scenery, we also met other trekkers in a bad way with altitude sickness, been carried down the mountain by their Sherpas. I believe altitude testing and training should be mandatory for these high altitude treks."
"Having trained for and completed a number of extremely difficult high mountains all over the world (including Baruntse, McKinley, Pumori, Manaslu), I understand the importance of good preparation. I was pushed into using a pre-acclimatisation method due to my business restrictions and therefore had to cut my expedition time by half. The only solution other than to cancel after 12 months of training, was to pre-acclimatise. Training and preparing with ATS equipment and programs has been a great experience. The ability to do active training and sleep at simulated altitude is fantastic for my fitness and climbing preparation, and the ability to acclimatise in my home environment saves me precious time. I started using this system out of necessity, however having experienced the results, I can guarantee this will become a necessary part of my training programme for all future high altitude expeditions.

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Valley Altitude Package. Training in an enclosed Altitude Chamber.


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